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Following the cancellation of the Centenary Match by Bowls England due to Covid restrictions, it has now been re-arranged for Thursday 12 August 2021.

The dates for the club Centenary matches have been agreed with both Bowls Devon and Bowls England. The dates are:

Both matches are six mixed rinks. Don’t forget to get your name down for these unique events.

The Club Centenary Charity match is Sunday 5th September 2021

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Covid Guidance - 17 May 2021 - Newsletter 6

We thought it would be useful to compile this newsletter to briefly explain how the changes   with the implementation of Step 3 of the Government Roadmap,  that come into effect on Monday 17th May 2021, will affect both indoor and outdoor bowling at Honiton. The information provided and measure put in into place are based upon Government approved guidance from both national bodies  Bowls England and the EIBA.

Indoor Bowling

From Monday, 17th May indoor bowling may resume on a controlled and limited basis using similar measures in place prior to the latest lockdown. With just two rinks available for each session and with rinks limited to a maximum of triples or two households of four. Measures  are in place to make the club as Covid secure as possible, but naturally it relies on the actions of us all  to do the right thing and follow the guidance.

As a reminder the measures are:

 There will be three daily sessions; 10:00 -12:30, 13:30 -16:00 and 18:00 to 20:30, which allows at least one hour for changeover.

 Players need to arrive not more than 15 minutes before the session, and at the end of the session leave the club promptly.

 Social distancing needs to be observed both inside and outside the club.

 Changing rooms will remain closed – players should come dressed ready to play and changing into shoes at the side of the rink.

 Toilets are open with access limited to one person at a time.

 Hand sanitisers are available throughout the club and should be used as appropriate.

 Rinks must be pre-booked through the club website – no turn-up and play.

 The club must keep a register of players for NHS Test and Trace purposes - this is through online booking.

 The indoor green ventilation meets the covid requirements specified for the number of players at any one time.

 We have limited the handling of cash, by using a voucher pre-payment system, and paying for these through the club website, by credit or debit card.

 Disinfection of jacks, by using the wipes provided.

 Players are required to wear a face covering throughout the club. This may be lowered whilst on the mat if required.

Outdoor bowling

Outdoor bowling continues much the same as we have since the opening of the outdoor season. We anticipate starting friendly matches again in June.

 There is, however, some relaxation of the current rules, these are:

 All rinks can be used with a maximum of 48 players on a six-rink green for club-organised matches. The number is reduced to 30 for informal roll-ups.

 Car sharing is permitted for participation in sport and physical activity but needs to comply with the government guidance for safer travel. These are to be updated but generally are:

 Driver and passengers to wear face masks.

 Ventilation of the car by opening windows.

 Sanitisation of touch points, such as door handles.

 We suggest that passengers to sit in the same place for both the out and return journey.


 Refreshments can be provided both indoors and outdoors, but this is limited to table service with no more than six persons at each socially distanced table. Masks can be removed when seated and consuming refreshments but must be worn when moving about the club, such as going to the toilet. Changing of tables is not permitted, neither is mingling with other tables.

 Spectators are allowed but they must adhere to social distancing rules.

These are the fundamental change that come into force on Monday 17th June 2021. There will no doubt be more later when we reach Step 4 of the roadmap.