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Honiton Bowling Club,

Bowling Green Lane,

Off Streamers Meadows,

Honiton, EX14 2DP

Tel: 01404 46168

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Club Data Protection Policy

The information you supply to the Club through the club Membership Application Form, excluding any health information, will be entered into the club database and used solely for the administration of the Club’s activities. The database and application forms will only be available to persons nominated by the Management Committee. It is the Club’s policy that your personal details are never shared with any external agencies or organisations unless required by law or with your permission.  

In addition CCTV is installed by the Club for crime prevention and member safety and records arrivals and departures to and from the club The recordings are normally automatically deleted after two weeks and are held for that period on a secure Digital Video Recorder.

As part of our normal administration we ask your permission to include your telephone numbers on a contact list which is available for members in the club house and also in our fixture booklet issued each season to members. This is for the purpose of being contacted regarding availability, team selection, travel arrangements or rink bookings.  

The club email accounts are used to email out limited club information regarding your membership renewals or notice of club meetings or events and club news. Your email address will not revealed to other recipients.

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